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Here at Best Web Hosting Reviews we are dedicated to bringing you sincere and honest reviews on the most reliable, best web hosting companies on the internet. Unlike other review sites we review every web hosting supplier before we would ever consider recommending them to you. The best web hosting providers we have chosen are ranked according to uptime, cost, reliability, and customer support. Read our web hosting reviews and choose the best hosting company to suit your needs.

Web Hosting Reviews is our parent site. This great site offers the best hosting profiles on dozens of web hosting providers. There is a top list, just like on this site, but you can also find web hosting user reviews in order to get a broader and more accurate idea of what each hosting provider is all about. We test all providers before we recommend them. If they are not on the list…they were either not good enough or we have not tested them yet. We cannot be bribed by high commissions. Looking for a discount? You may also want to check out our hosting coupons to find extra savings. Visit our parent site: Web Hosting Reviews

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Our services are different. I do not know how many times I visit other web hosting reviews websites and see them recommending bad hosting providers. It was on one occasion that I actually committing to signing up with a particular web host based on the recommendation of a top 10 hosting list. After I found out that I wasted $200 on a horrible hosting provider, I decided to take the reins and to create my own hosting reviews website, with honest and accurate reviews of the best hosting and worse web hosting providers out there. I was then shocked to find out that most of the hosting review websites at the top of the search engine results were owned and operated by certian hosting companies and they recommend themselves as the best web hosting provider. I have been reviewing web hosting providers since 2004, and no, I don’t own a web host company