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I have been in the Web Hosting Reviews business since 2004. I am just a regular webmaster, just like you, except I have built, sold and hosted hundreds of different websites. I decided to host my sites on as many of the top hosting providers as I could (…and still am), and to make a quality website with the truth, not just a review site pushing for a sale.

Each and every review is based on my own personal experience and the personal experience of my best friend, who runs a web hosting reviews site like this. We decided to divide the host providers evenly and report to each other, about any problems that may have occurred.

My biggest pet peeve is web hosting that is slow or has more downtime than what you can really afford. If your running google adwords and your website goes down, that is money lost. Most people are trying to make extra money to supplement their income. You simply cannot afford to get a bad provider. Keep this in mind as you read my web hosting reviews:

I believe you will find one these hosting providers will work great for your needs.

We have reviewed other companies that did not make the this list. This is only the top 5.

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Whether you choose to trust the editor’s web hosting comparison or use the great information provided by our user reviews we are glad to be of service to help you select the right provider for your needs, and possibly save you future headaches, time and money.

This website is being hosted on ixWebHosting. We do not recommend them. We will never promote a provider that we feel might hurt you in the long run. It is our goal, to be accurate and sincere, in the hope that this website will be successful for our honesty and integrity. Thanks for visiting Web Hosting Reviews and please do not forget to check out our web hosting user reviews.

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Right now one of the hosting providers we are testing is Super Green Hosting, a web hosting coupon code site provider. This company is owned by the same folks that run JustHost.com and I am honored to be among the very first to test and make a announcement of this earth friendly provider.